Fake Tape

by Diamond Mind

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released February 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Diamond Mind Edmonton, Alberta

pop & circumstance

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Track Name: Dragon Egg
I was woke before the sun / all pink and dry made its debut / and found instead atop my head / the night before's half moon in lieu /

I was woke before the moon / all yellow made this frosty night / a cookie cradled on the roof / i smiled and jumped to take a bite /

so i asked if there was room enough / for one to sit and wait on love / but found that on this winter's bench / there's little else to do /

turn away from the house that's on fire
Track Name: Better Alone
little rag & bone / it's better alone / you don't keep wondering whether / you sent me sailin' over some dumb rainbow / or just under the weather / but now you just don't feel like trying / and sister I don't blame you /

now take a look at you / pretty arctic cool / you really got it together / but if I said lately / you still devastate me / over and over / then you know I'd just be lying / still be laying next to you /

you know sometimes it feels like dying / you know some times it feels like death /

but still he keeps happening to you / like disasters do / some devil in denim / on Sunday afternoon / puts on Goat's Head Soup / and makes you blue / I wonder if you still feel like crying over me / I bet you do / I bet you still sometimes feel like crying over me / yeah you do
Track Name: Closed Circuit
it used to come to me in the night / there are names I now barely remember / and faces I now barely recall / Jamie's hands were white / I snatched one into mine / I'm not like you / I have no mercy side /

merry bells ringing clear through the night / Mary Bell dwells where they used to chime / there are men she now barely remembers / and faces she now barely recalls / Mary's hands held high / a hatchet to the mind / a scissor to the thigh / now Mary, press your lips to mine
Track Name: Swimsuit Scene
endless summer, endless bummer / without a cloud seems like the sky goes on forever / but I thought I knew you / now I may never / without a friend seems like this life goes on and on

it was the season of indecent dreams / super 8 visions and imaginings / masterful vision all encompassing / but all I remember was the swimsuit scene / and another endless / ruthless winter, followed me home after dark

we were a people of obscenity / who, twenty-something-awful came to be / mostly pale, always fidgeting / through a century of aimless whistling / and then they call your number / an endless summer

good bye forever / i guess / whatever